November 15, 2007

|~Coetzee rails on a lot in his new novel Diary of a Bad Year, everything from pedophilia laws to meat-eating… but I found this quote about modern physics to be priceless:

The mathematics we have invented (in some accounts) or discovered (in others), which we believe or hope to be a key to the structure of the universe, may equally well be a private language — private to human beings with human brains — in which we doodle on the walls of our cave.

Well put. The book is fantastic, fast becoming my favorite he’s written… pick it up (when it hits paperback, at least).

|~As has been widely reported, Denis Johnson’s Vietnam war novel Tree of Smoke won the National Book award for fiction.  ‘Twas my previous read, and it is well worth it.  The book’s brilliance has been widely reported… highly praised in almost every major book review, so let me simply say believe it.  A surprisingly fast and engaging read for its length and depth… it sits alongside Tom McCarthy’s Remainder as one of my most enjoyable reading experiences of the year.


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