it is monday.

November 20, 2007

|~Go listen to some Black Bear.

|~Something to cheer me up on a monday morning… at least I don’t live in Korea — boot-camp for internet addiction.

|~Mediocre internet-humour writers react to J.K Rowling’s recent publicity: The next 9 children’s characters that should come out of the closet.

|~Amazon introduces the Kindle Reader. $400? I still like books. In today’s world of beautifully sleek technology (I’m currently caressing the edge of my wide screen monitor while mentally picturing myself talking on an iPhone…), does this thing not look like a bland hunk of plastic garbage?

|~75 years on… Margaret at wood reflects on Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. She likes it!

|~Can Neanderthals blame their fall on the rise of feminism? Are hot-flashes the true cause of global warming? “Females joining hunt may explain Neanderthals’ extinction.”


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