weekend… over

November 26, 2007

|~Check out the artwork and design of Si Scott, and here… and maybe the best link, a video showing a bit of the process right here.

~|Organic Cigarettes, Organic Water… please, people! Smoking an ‘American Spirit’ may have been the closest I’ve come to successfully kicking my nicotine habit for good — the vilest butt out there. Those wilted vegetables are painful enough on the palate, shall we prepare ourselves for an onslaught shitty smokes and dirty water at seven times the price as well?

~|I always said that trying to explain the universe was a bad idea…

~|Escape from this universe by relaxing however you see fit… and put the new Burial album on in the background (acquire it however you prefer…) Some of the most exciting downtempo music to come out in awhile.


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