awake with flutters once again

January 10, 2008

“The world — a dunghill of instinctive forces that nevertheless shines in the sun with pale shades of light and dark gold.”

-Fernando Pessoa

~|The rise of bibliotherapy – literature as medicine.

One particularly successful initiative has been reading poetry to and with dementia patients, some of whom have lost all sense of who and where they are but can recite the words of a poem learned at school 70 years ago… “One lady was shouting and swearing at anyone who approached, and when I mentioned poetry told me in no uncertain terms to go away. But as I sat and read poem after poem, she visibly relaxed, her mood changed completely and she happily chatted about the poems to other residents.”

Lobotomized by literature? I’m already there… But really, books do a body good.

|~Potentially more enabling than books as medicine… how about pyschidelics for healing?

|~Great, lengthy interview with perhaps the only TV personality I really enjoy: Anthony Bourdain.

|~The only American election related item I’ve found of any interest: Can I get my 5 year old daughter photographed with every presidential candidate?

|~The 50 greatest British writers since 1945.

|~kottke’s best links of 2007


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