precious bodily fluids

January 23, 2008

~|As far as I’m concerned, every environmental problem in the world is small beans compared to the continued hording of nuclear weapons, and the very fact of the technology’s existence in the first place. Theres some very silly people out there, and some very scary weapons… Good to see a resurgence in the anti-nuke movement.

~|Nabokov wanted his last manuscript, The Original of Laura, burned. It’s currently locked away in a Swiss bank vault… What should happen?

~|Half of Japan’s best selling novels are written by — cellphone?

~|The Atlantic has a good, brief article up on the rise of typography. A nice little intro to the field…

~|Another article from the Atlantic, this one incredibly long but really interesting: B.R. Myers’ A Readers Manifesto — “the attack on the growing pretentiousness of American prose.”

~|Read the truth about Kobe beef.

~|Warm up to the sounds of El Guincho — Animal Collective, tropical flavor. Or as the indie hype train has dubbed him, the Mexican Panda Bear.

~|Nabokov would be proud: Stunning butterfly-wing typography.


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