vietnamese brain bradawl

January 30, 2008

~|Maybe the best review Denis Johnson’s Tree of Smoke, one of my top three books of last year, I’ve yet read. (Remainder and Diary of a Bad Year being the other two).

~|Best book cover ever?

~|Find out how people had their heads drilled before Top 40 Radio: An illustrated history of trepanation.

~|Lego turns 50… happy birthday.

~|Fun time-wasting… search the US Patent or Copyright offices.

~|New Mountain Goats video is essential viewing.

~|Half of Japan’s bestsellers last year were written by… cellphone?

~|Books that make you dumb. Hmmm… how about these?

~|Poor little kitten has Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues.

~|Music moves people to… commit arson?

~| frees up the music… now you can not only spy on what I’m listening to, you can listen to it. Except for all the really good obscure shit… nor Christmas in the Stars… sorry. My name’s ‘honzo’.


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