veggie stew?

February 10, 2008

|~The Cloud Appreciation Society

~|Noah K has taken a picture of himself every day since 2000 and posted it online.

~|10 Disasters that could end the world at any moment…

~|Just for Chinese New Year… beware of the Rat King

~|The poet laureate of the United States, Charles Simic, on the country’s decline in reading

Poetry doesn’t need much promotion. It is doing quite well in this country. I gave a reading the other night in Concord, N.H., with two former poet laureates — Donald Hall and Maxine Kumin —and 740 people came. That’s a lot of people!

And how many people watched Lost? Naw… poetry doesn’t need promotion…

Someone with some much more intelligent things to say about the matter: Ron Silliman. Part 2.

~|Too addictive: the Amazing Fact Generator.

~|Priceless headline… geez — those American cops will will use just about any excuse to arrest a black guy, eh?

~|Australia is celebrating Valentines Day by finally issuing an apology to their Aborigines.


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