quinn walker – the temporary maims it all

February 22, 2008

~|Music alert: best sounds of the year thus far coming from a completely unknown bedroom artist from New York? QUINN WALKER … The guy is sitting on something like 9 albums of music that definitely inches its way pretty close to absolute genius… he could be very huge and very important. Experimental and insanely melodic… toeing a similar line as the Animal Collective or The Dirty Projectors… though a lot more folky at times… throw in some completely whacked out experimentation with witty, unpretentious, and at times plainly ridiculous lyrics. Expect to hear more about him as the year goes on. Four albums have leaked thus far… dig and ye shall find? Or just go buy the albums Lion Land / Laughters An Asshole… you can grab it on iTunes too.

~|Been around for awhile, but beautiful — flight patterns.

~|Oy Vey! Coens to adapt the Yiddish Policeman’s Union — killer book… can’t wait.

~|Philosophy geeks only: what does Nietzsche mean to philosophers today?


~|David Denby has a great appreciation of the Coen brothers in the new New Yorker… though I must take exception to his comment that The Man Who Wasn’t There was a “dud academic exercise.” It definatley sits right at the top of my Coen list. Anyway, any writer who calls The Big Lebowski “a ballad held together by tenderness” is a winner in my book.

~|More proof that the geeks are harder drinkers than anyone else: the science tattoo emporium.

~|Deathly timewaste warning… netdiver’s best of 2007

~|521 chairs


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