let me be your laser pointer,

March 18, 2008

|~Russian mafia tombstones

|~How far away from home could you go as a child?

|~Worlds worst intersections & traffic jams… some really beautiful images.

|~An interesting test: do you laugh at the feinting goat? Yes you do.

|~Like I need any more reasons to be classified as insane… or am I just a helpless infovore?

|~The best books about boredom.

|~Google Sky.

|~The encyclopedia of life.

|~Two good advertisements.

|~The Book-as-art all-stars.

|~First time novelist Carlos Amato on Oprah:

“Oprah is one of the most vicious, pernicious influences on the modern world. She’s injecting a psychosis into Western culture. There is no scale of moral weight behind what she does: one day she’ll be in Auschwitz, saying, ‘That’s the most terrible thing I’ve ever seen,’ and the next day she’ll be with a divorced mother in Idaho whose husband gave her a smack, saying: ‘That is the most terrible thing I’ve ever seen.’

And the next day she’s handing out Cadillacs to her gals, because she just wants to. Everything becomes just as important as everything else: it’s the ultimate post-modern revenge. Oprah terrifies the crap out of me.”

|~The theory of interstellar trade.


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