sweeping the roof with eyrak

April 1, 2008

~|Bill Murray + RZA & GZA = YouTube now officially owning my life.

~|DMX: “What the fuck is a barack?!”; even more cracked-out than DMX are the comments on this interview.  Combined with last post’s Ukranian Tombstones, reading the comments on random internet finds has become my new favourite hobby.  It’s like people watching to the power of twelve… a glimpse of our collective madness, at least.

~|An article on the recently animated Billy Collins poems that have been making the rounds on YouTube… while the title of the article is ridiculous on multiple levels, the videos are a must-see…

~|How can we make the war in Iraq more eco-friendly?

~|Slug sex – the most surprisingly beautiful thing you’ll see today

~|I love that these are called desire paths…


~|Smile Detection: I’m pretty sure if this had showed up in a film I’d be laughing at its absurdity… reality trumps the nadirs of art once again

~|It makes fun of itself, but this shit definitely beats my ‘star chart’: Chore Wars.

~|If you don’t already know about it, read up on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which is now twice the size of the United States.  Can I go claim ownership of this shit, or does it automatically belong to America?


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