the suporn technique

April 14, 2008

~|Top & bottom images taken from Popol Coumou – lovelovelove it all

~|The human brain as we know it is about to die… the internet at 10,000 times the speed, coming soon.

~|Best music video of the moment –The Acorn’s ‘Flood Pt. 1’– much cooler than that silly bjork video thats getting so much attention

~|Motorized Monocylce…. yes please

~|Detail of a transsexual vagina… “this is genital origami a neovagina” {NSFW}

~|A canoe made from chopsticks, the perfect vessel to take on a trip over to the Pacific Garbage Patch (new link, with videos…)

~|For middle-to-lower class Vancouverites, Buddhist Monks, visiting upper-class Albertans, (after the bar), and bored Seattle WTO-alum who need to work off the lentil lovehandles: the 2010 Riot Clock

~|Pavarotti lipsynched his last performance…. here is the performance in question (**don’t take this for granted moment**: fucking youtube…)

~|Damn right… cookies are an addiction, not a sign of monstrosity


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